Henry Ng’ambe is a 36 year old Malawian artist, born in Dedza’s Mpalale Village.  He received training in the art of paper recycling at PAMET (Paper Making Education Trust) during December 1999 – October 2000. 

Highly motivated to contribute to a healthier Malawi through sustainable practices, Henry enjoys using waste materials such as scrap paper, cement bags, elephant dung and dried banana leaves.  Water use during the paper making process is reduced by re-using liquid drained from the flattening stage.   You can watch him in action at the onsite workshop - Click here to view Stages of Making Paper.

Currently, the Dedza Handmade Art Gallery is staffed by family members, but it is Henry’s aim to scale up, train and employ further staff when growing orders demand it.

Further environmental innovation is evident from the fuel-efficient cooking stove, designed and built by Henry for his family’s cooking needs.  This uses sawdust which is a waste product from the nearby sawmill, and results in lower domestic expenses and reduces demand for the firewood or charcoal typically used in the area.

He is hoping to have the Gallery connected to electricity in 2011, but in the meantime uses a donated solar-powered lamp so he can continue working into the evenings.

There are also plans to introduce a small outdoor tea-room for gallery visitors to enjoy refreshments.  So stay tuned for further developments at the Dedza Handmade Art Gallery.  In the mean time, check out our current Products here.