Waste paper is soaked, then pounded into pulp.

•After mixing with water to make a thin paste mixture, the liquid is sieved, drained & shaped into rectangles. 

•Its then compressed to drain all water, and hung for complete drying.

Waste paper donated by local offices & schools

•Cement bags from construction sites

•Banana leaves from farmers plots & gardens

•Elephant dung from Liwonde National Park

•Natural dye from flowers in Henry’s garden

•Traditional fabric (chitenje) from local market

•Glue, cotton thread and needles

  1. The dried paper sheets are measured, cut & bound by hand. 

  2. Basic tools are used including pencil, scissors, knife, glue & cotton to produce our Range of Recycled Products available on shelves.

Please click on an image below to see an enlarged version.

You can often watch Henry making paper from pulp in his workshop at the back of the gallery.  Check here to view the result, from his Range of Products.